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I wasn't going to post until the look of the community was prettied-up, but I have a few suggestions about Somniness. The primary thing is that Somni are creators. (This might have been inspired by the book I finished reading recently--Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card.)

What I'm trying to say is... This creating--or making, more accurately--could include everything from photography to costuming to fiction to painting to sculpture to songs birdhouses to weaving. A lot of people thing being creative means coming up with cool ideas, but that's just ideation. To be creative, you have to actually create something, make something.

I also had a list of possible things to include on the interests list, but I can't remember them now, of course. e_e;; ~thinks~ Darn. >_<

Well, anyway. I'm willing to help with the layout of this place if I can. (I'm on an icon-creating frenzy. o.O;; I need to give these things away; there's no way I'll be able to use them all!)

So. Looking forward to getting this thing off the ground. ^_^ ~evanesces~
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