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The Somni Handbook

The Somni Handbook ~ Version 0.5
Chapter One ~ Appearances

A Somni can be anyone who cares about people but isn’t extremely social. They usually can be identified by their clothes, though. The two major different types of Somni are addressed here.

-Dark Somni are more gothic in nature, preferring to express themselves creatively rather than verbally. Dark Somni are usually exceptional writers, artists, poets, etc. They wear dark/neutral colors. Blacks, medium to dark browns, grays, navies, royal violets, and raspberries are colors that are often found in their wardrobes. They usually wear silver jewelry. They may dye their hair darker colors and/or wear it short. They are often ignored, or seem to disappear, because they do not physically stand out most of the time, but they are usually looked up to and highly praised for their creative and mental abilities. They are sometimes grouped in with the Goths by people who don’t really know them or what a Goth is, but they really don’t fit in with them most of the time. They usually get depressed when they feel like they don’t belong or they are being ignored or smothered creatively.

-Light Somni are usually put in a nameless group by themselves. They are a bit more verbal than Dark Somni, and are very comfortable around people. Light Somni make good actors, performers, singers, etc. They usually wear bright/neutral colors. White and light to medium shades of blue, purple, brown, gray, yellow and red are often found in Light Somni’s wardrobes. They usually wear gold jewelry. They may dye their hair, and usually wear it longer than a Dark Somni would. Though they are not chatter boxes and don’t usually wear fluorescent colors, they talk more than Dark Somni and dress lighter which generally gets them more attention. Though the feel things very strongly and deeply, they may have trouble expressing themselves through writing and art. They usually get depressed when they are feeling alone.

-All Somni prefer to wear long clothes. They do not show more skin than modesty allows, and they like accessories such a hats, scarves, gloves, and jewelry.

Author’s Note: Wow. O.o; I’m think of changing Dark Somni to Taysomni and Light Somni to Rhysomni. ^_^;; The next chapter will be on attitude… And, as always, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas or anything, please comment! ^_^ This is your subculture, so you should be able to lend a hand in it, right? I am going to be putting this all in a book that will be updated yearly. I’m hoping to be able to sell it to Somni for a VERY low price. I would give it out, but I can’t afford that. ;_; Well, well see what happens when the book is done. ^_^
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