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Life is but a dream...

The Somni

The Somni
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What are Somni? Simply put, the new hippies with a goth flare. And more morals. ^_^;;

If you want to get deeper into it (and I know you do), Somni are a sub-culture created by Rivvi, who has created this community and is trying to figure out what, exactly, should be Somni.

Here's a list of things I've got so far. If you think that you might be a Somni, please join the community and help me figure aome stuff out. I am writing a handbook on it so that Somni aren't divided into stereotyped, warring groups all yelling, "POSERS!!!" at each other.

Somni are very accepting and kind.
They tend to like long, drapey clothes, often in dark colors (but not always black).
They are usually pacifists who try to help everybody.
They value time alone to think and create.
They are inspired by nature and music.
They don't mock others for their opinions or insist everyone has to have the exact same cookie-cutter beliefs and interests in order to be a Somni.
They are big on second chances.
They against senseless violence, but are quick to protect those who need it.
They value intelligence.
They DO know how to have fun, and aren't uptight, but don't do stupid things because of peer pressure.

I will add more interests as I figure out more. If you fit into this image, don't be shy. Meet some kindred hearts. you don't have to fit exactly into all of the things, but I would say about half is good. If you're here, you're probably a Somni.